With effective from April 21, 2016, the Center of Animal Communication and Holistic Healing (CACHH), has been renamed to Paw D Animal Consultancy.

Paw D, or Po Dee, in Thai, means just nice, balanced or optimum.

Our Services:

1. Consultation on Behavioral Problems and Behavior Modification (Positive Methods)

2. Animal Communication via Telepathy to understand your animals at a deeper level

3. Reiki Healing and alternative olistic healthcare for your animals

Fern, our founder, is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Advanced Animal Communicator and a Reiki Healing Master/Teacher.

She is also a professional member of Animal Behavior Society (ABS), International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP), and American Holistic Health Association (AHHA).

We are based in Singapore. However, we serve, consult and treat clients in both Singapore and overseas. Distance is NOT a problem at all. 

A session generally can be conducted via a distance (e-mails, Whatsapp, LINE), phone calls or Skype*

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Got questions?  We help you answer them all, and many more!

  • Why my dog bites?
  • Why my cat sprays around my house?
  • My rabbit is very stressed out. How to help her?
  • My parrot plugs all his hair off. What happened?
  • How my deceased dog is doing at the Rainbow Bridge now?
  • Any natural healing that can help my dog who has cancer?

What Clients Say about Fern (More on "Testimonial Page")

I lost my Flopsy from a household accident a year ago and I thought I would never forgive myself. I had become depressed and self-destructive. Flopsy had been with me since I adopted him from a family who neglected him and he came to stay with me in a very bad shape. A friend of my mother recommended Fern to me. I really missed Flopsy and I wanted to know where he was and if he would forgive me for what happened. 

Fern was very compassionate and understanding. She was not at all judgmental after she heard the story (I was afraid that's why I never asked anyone for help). She communicated with Flopsy and let me know that he is fine and he still misses me. There were other messages from Flopsy that made me really astonished how Fern was so accurate. I knew they were real messages because that was how Flopsy would answer and those are things only Flopsy and me knew. He told Fern that he came back and tried to comfort me too. I could feel his presence around me and that was actually what kept me going in the past tough year.

The session with Fern was very fruitful. She gave me guidance how to survive the bereavement. She also gave me Reiki healing. I felt a lot better and have courage to move on with my life. I think that's what Flopsy wants to see too. 

Thank you so much Fern for your help.

Tori L.

I was recommended by my colleague who engaged Fern to regularly give Reiki healing to his ill cats and it worked miracle. His cats have become healthier and the illness is under control. I have four cats, two of them suffer some illness and the vet said he could not do anything else due to their old age. I believe in alternative healing because it is drug-free and natural. I decided to give Fern a call and it's one of the best decision ever made. 

Fern came over and healed all our four cats, since I prefer all of them to stay healthy. She was patient, kind and genuine. She also communicated with them and shared interesting information and messages they wanted to tell me. I have since arranged with Fern a weekly visit for my cats to receive Reiki healing. I could notice the improvement since the first session. My two cats who could hardly move earlier have become more mobile. Four of them looked more uplifted and more lively.

It has been 5 weeks of continuous healing and my older cats are much happier (previously they were depressed due to their immobility and got really grumpy and lacked appetite in food). They now can even climb the new cat tree I actually bought for the other two younger ones! 

My sincere thanks to you, Fern. And I highly recommend her to everyone who cares about their fur kids.

Penelope D.

Dear Fern,

I thank God for helping me find you. I'm so grateful for your help. My dogs suffered a lot of changes since our family has relocated to Singapore a couple of months ago. Everything is new and different for Jake and Nina, our two Alaskan Malamutes. They had problems adjusting themselves to our new (and much smaller) home, the weather, etc. The required quarantine also took a toll on them. Such a blessing that our neighbor recommended Fern to us. 

Fern is very professional and experienced. She communicated with Jake and Nina and helped us resolve the issues. Moreover, she made us understand them much better. We always thought we knew them the best since we have raised them. But with Fern's impressive communication skills, we found out certain things we never realized about them. I wish I had met Fern way before this. And she is also knowledgeable, as she gave valuable advice on the diet and other homeopathic care we can simply give them, which is safe and natural. 

Now Jake and Nina are much happier and settling in very well. Thank you very much, Fern.

Holly A.

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