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You may like to take a few minutes to read FAQS below to get a clearer picture of how I conduct animal communication services and holistic healings.

However, I am more than happy to answer any other question you may still have which is not answered here. Please contact me.

Animal communication is how we communicate to animals telepathically, in order to understand how they feel and think. Animals do have feelings and emotions too. And we treat them with respect. The main objectives of communicating with animals are to have a better understanding in them and to help them become happier and more comfortable. I also make them understand their persons from human's point of view.

We domesticate animals and keep them in our place with our family. Imagine how frustrating it can be when humans and animals who live together but cannot communicate or make each other heard and understood! Therefore, animal communication is not something unnecessary or luxurious.

You will have a healthier human-animal relationship once both of you understand each other, treat each other with respect, and can live together in harmony.

They do "talk" to me but not in a verbal language like we humans do. They may give me words, pictures, videos, sensation, smell, or feeling. Telepathy is the form of communication animals communicate among one another most of the time.

Once I find out what your animals feel, think, or need, I relay that message to you. Then you will have a better understanding in them. I also let him understand you more. Thus when each party knows what the other feels, thinks, or needs, and then tries to deliver what would make the other party happy, it is easier to live together in harmony.

Besides doing a house visit, I also offer a distance communication with your animals, if you find this approach is more convenient to you and your animals. It works the same way as a face-to-face communication. I can still tell you what you animal friends want you to know.

We do this via e-mails.

Keep your mind open. Do not distract your animal. Avoid feeding, playing, calling him. Let him relax so that he can enjoy and focus on having a conversation with me. 

It all depends on the degree of the problems which varies from one case to another. I will need to get to know your pet and I may give you an approximate idea on this. 

I also offer a package of sessions/treatments if the issues need to be handled for certain period of time and you will see better result.

I cannot make everyone agrees on this. However, animal behavioural issues can only be solved when all family members who have direct impact to your animal friend, i.e. those who live in the same house or visit regularly, cooperate and commit to understand your animals and to work on his improvement together in the same direction.  

I communicate with them telepathically, with their permission to allow me to communicate with them.

Animals are free-willed. They do not communicate with us if they do not want to, and we cannot force them to do so. We have to respect them on that.

I am afraid that is not the main point of animal communication, which is to help and better understand your animal companions. Animals are free-willed and dignified. They may or may not do anything they do not want to. As long as your request is reasonable and with a good and loving intention to your animal companions, I am sure they will try to cooperate, given that you and your family, have respect to your animals' decisions and preference as well. It all boils down to two-way communication; give and take.

Yes! Telepathic communication was how humans and animals communicate since the ancient time before we have verbal language.

I offer a course of animal communication to assist you to the re-awakening of this innate ability suppressed in every of us.

However, I'd like to emphasize that the purpose of learning animal communication is to understand animals and help them to be happier and more comfortable. Their well-being is the most important.

Together with animal communication, I do work on several kinds of energy healings, e.g. Reiki, Angelic Healing, Crystal Healing, Colour Healing, Bach Flowers Remedies, and other elemental healings depends on the conditions and suitability of the persons or animals I am working with.

Absolutely! I do not diagnose the conditions you or your animal friends have. My healings are considered alternative and complimentary to modern's remedy performed by a registered veterinarian. You still need to see a doctor and/or bring your animal friends to see their vet.

Reiki helps de-stress, rejuvenate, and relax body, mind and soul. It heals physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever problems you may have got in the past and at present. 

Reiki for adults and for kids help you cope better in demanding and stressful circumstances, e.g. at work when you're giving important presentation, attending a meeting, or running a hectic work schedule. Moreover, it calms you down in dealing with family issues and household responsibilities. Reiki also complements any current therapy or medical procedure as it enhances the healing results.

Reiki benefits kids as it helps them to discover their full potential. Kids who have received Reiki treatment regularly have better concentration in school, thus promote their learning ability. Furthermore, Reiki assists them in stressful situations such as exams and competition, hence boosting their performance. The healing power of Reiki works well for sports injuries as well.

In short, Reiki is beneficial for the whole family!

We have stopped our house visit services. We only provide distance session services, which are as effective as a face-to-face meeting. The consulting/service fee is also more economical and more affordable for distance sessions. Our clients find it gives them more privacy and convenience since we do not need to know their residential address/location, and we do not disturb/intrude their family/free time.

One session in general will be 45 minutes of treatment plus 15 minutes of consultation, pre and post treatment, in order to understand what you may have and to give you some after-care instructions.

However, it can be longer than one hour, depends on how I find the condition of each client's health.

In general, I recommend at least four to six consecutive sessions of Reiki treatment to see an improvement. It is not that I would like to earn more from a client, but it is what Reiki practitioners have observed that their clients show a better overall well-being after receiving continuous treatment. 

 I do offer a package of Reiki treatment sessions at a discount price.

I offer a distance Reiki treatment for clients besides a house visit or in person. It works and heals the same way. Several clients found it is more convenient for them to receive Reiki this way. It is also a personal preference.

Distance session fee via e-mail, Whatsapp, Skype

Please refer to our Homepage (right-hand side column) for more detail.

Fund Transfer to DBS S/V Plus # 015 0049 641 (for clients in Singapore), and PayPal (major credit cards accepted) prior to the session is required.

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