I truly thank you all, for supporting and for responding to what I do. It is my passion. Together, we create a better place for our animals and for us, to develop further on the right path in our lives.

For clients who come to me for animal communication-related services and workshops, I also appreciate that you do care about your animal friends and you would love to see them become happier and healthier.

For my clients who have received Reiki treatments and have learned Reiki from me, I am happy to see that you are on your way to improve your well-being and overall-health, or even to heal others.

Here are some feedback from my clients of how they feel in working with me.


Dear Fern,

I thank God for helping me find you. I'm so grateful for your help. My dogs suffered a lot of changes since our family has relocated to Singapore a couple of months ago. Everything is new and different for Jake and Nina, our two Alaskan Malamutes. They had problems adjusting themselves to our new (and much smaller) home, the weather, etc. The required quarantine also took a toll on them. Such a blessing that our neighbor recommended Fern to us. 

Fern is very professional and experienced. She communicated with Jake and Nina and helped us resolve the issues. Moreover, she made us understand them much better. We always thought we knew them the best since we have raised them. But with Fern's impressive communication skills, we found out certain things we never realized about them. I wish I had met Fern way before this. And she is also knowledgeable, as she gave valuable advice on the diet and other homeopathic care we can simply give them, which is safe and natural. 

Now Jake and Nina are much happier and settling in very well. Thank you very much, Fern.

Holly A.

I was recommended by my colleague who engaged Fern to regularly give Reiki healing to his ill cats and it worked miracle. His cats have become healthier and the illness is under control. I have four cats, two of them suffer some illness and the vet said he could not do anything else due to their old age. I believe in alternative healing because it is drug-free and natural. I decided to give Fern a call and it's one of the best decision ever made. 

Fern came over and healed all our four cats, since I prefer all of them to stay healthy. She was patient, kind and genuine. She also communicated with them and shared interesting information and messages they wanted to tell me. I have since arranged with Fern a weekly visit for my cats to receive Reiki healing. I could notice the improvement since the first session. My two cats who could hardly move earlier have become more mobile. Four of them looked more uplifted and more lively.

It has been 5 weeks of continuous healing and my older cats are much happier (previously they were depressed due to their immobility and got really grumpy and lacked appetite in food). They now can even climb the new cat tree I actually bought for the other two younger ones! 

My sincere thanks to you, Fern. And I highly recommend her to everyone who cares about their fur kids.

Penelope D.

I lost my Flopsy from a household accident a year ago and I thought I would never forgive myself. I had become depressed and self-destructive. Flopsy had been with me since I adopted him from a family who neglected him and he came to stay with me in a very bad shape. A friend of my mother recommended Fern to me. I really missed Flopsy and I wanted to know where he was and if he would forgive me for what happened. 

Fern was very compassionate and understanding. She was not at all judgmental after she heard the story (I was afraid that's why I never asked anyone for help). She communicated with Flopsy and let me know that he is fine and he still misses me. There were other messages from Flopsy that made me really astonished how Fern was so accurate. I knew they were real messages because that was how Flopsy would answer and those are things only Flopsy and me knew. He told Fern that he came back and tried to comfort me too. I could feel his presence around me and that was actually what kept me going in the past tough year.

The session with Fern was very fruitful. She gave me guidance how to survive the bereavement. She also gave me Reiki healing. I felt a lot better and have courage to move on with my life. I think that's what Flopsy wants to see too. 

Thank you so much Fern for your help.

Tori L.

Dear Fern, 

Thank you very very much for helping my cats and my family. We would not be able to find our missing cats without your help.

We had to admit that we were a bit skeptical at first but since my friend who recommended you to me was very satisfied with your skill, we decided to engage your service. 

We were very surprised and impressed by the information you told us- what you saw regarding whereabouts of our cats. It was in details and very accurate. And with those clues, we successfully located our cats within a short period of time after they had gone missing. My family and I was so worried because our cats needed regular medication and they would not have survived out there for any more night.

We really appreciate your help, Fern.

Karen M. and Family (including Beatrice and Butter)

I contacted Fern after being recommended by a good friend who engaged her service before and had very good experience with Fern. She came down to my place to meet my dog, Moet, a 10-year-old husky. Moet was always a sweet and loving baby to our family. However, for the past couple of weeks, he suddenly developed aggression and had been off his food. He used to enjoy our company when we were at home but he did not feel like being around us any more. We worried about him and wanted to know what's wrong. We took him to a few vets but they couldn't tell us what happened to him.

When Fern arrived, even though Moet tried to forcefully lunge and growled at her, Fern was still cool and calm. She smiled at Moet and slowly approached him with a kind gesture that made Moet pause and before we knew it, his head was on Fern's lap while Fern's giving him a nice tummy rub. My husband and I were so surprised. After the communication session over, Fern shared with us what Moet told her, the reasons why he was not his usual self. We were taken aback as we never realized what happened to him, due to our busy works and travel schedule. Fern gave him some Reiki healing on the spot without any additional charge, and advised us to follow some steps to help Moet recover from his trauma. She took her time to explain things to us and refused to accept the extra funds we offered as a token of our appreciation (we wanted to compensate her that we needed a lengthy session due to problems that Moet had). We knew that she was genuine and very helpful.

As soon as Fern left, we could tell that Moet was more relaxed and peaceful, and gradually, his aggression, etc was gone. He is back, lovely and cheerful as he used to be.

We really appreciate your help, Fern. 

Jackson & Cecilia T.

I learned Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 with Fern, because I have heard that Reiki helps heal everything and improve overall well-being. My daughter is a special need kid and I tried to make her be more receptive and has a better development in learning, etc. Fern gave her Reiki treatments for 2 months and I found the difference that was impressive. I then learned Reiki to heal my daughter and to help me relax as I had a lot of stress too.

After I finished Level 1 (two days), I already could heal myself and I practiced it with my daughter and also my relatives in Malaysia (distance healing). I saw changes that I became less frustrated and was in a better mood in general. My daughter was calm and did not cry or disturb me at night time as before. Even my aunt who had broken collar bones noticed that her condition recovered faster and with less pain. Then I was ready, I took Reiki Level 2 and had learned more tools to heal myself and my family. I am so grateful that now Reiki is an important part of our lives. Fern was kind and very empathetic and taught me a lot of valuable stuffs to help improve my life.

Thank you very much Fern for everything.

Patricia S.

Hi Fern,

I have to say that I never expected to be able to communicate with animals before. When I decided to take up this private course with my sisters, all we hoped was at least one of us would manage to communicate with our cats and rabbits. To my big surprise, now ALL of us is able to talk and to hear our animals! And it is real. We are so excited.

Fern's teaching style is very interesting. We could tell that she gave 200% to her students in order to make sure we could get the concept and could do it later on once the course was over. She has different tools and techniques and she didn't hold on anything to herself. She is a very good teacher!

Besides our own cats and rabbits, we are now helping our friends and going to help communicate to rescue cats too. It's a precious thing we have learned.

Thank you so much Fern!

May, Clare, Jen, and Lisa A.

Dear Fern,

I'm writing to show my sincere appreciation to you, after all this time that you had helped me and "Samson", my beloved dog who had been unwell. You made me understand him better than ever before though communication with him. You made me realized what I had done wrong, and what I should have done better. I was surprised to find out how he was adversely affected, physically and emotionally, by changes in my family in the past few years. I wouldn't be able to know it, without your help.

During the time that Samson had fought with his conditions, the Reiki healing that you had given him had proven to be of great benefit since the Vets said he didn't respond to any medication. And with the fact that at his age, I would not want him to go through any operation or any harsh treatment. I was a skeptic about Reiki before I met you. But now my dog and you had proven to me and my family that Reiki really did miracle. Samson has become better and better, and we never be able to thank you enough.

You are very compassionate, patient, calm and understanding. We consider you as our true friend, as during the hard time, you're always with us and you never gave up on Samson.

I would recommend Fern to any animal lovers.

Thank you so much Fern.

Belinda K.

I am very glad that I had made a right decision to learn Reiki with you. You are a Reiki Master that everyone who wants to learn a REAL Reiki should go to.

I had been searching high and low for a good Reiki Master in Singapore since I relocated from the States 3 months ago. I could not find one who could really connect with me. 

When I met you, I straight away knew that my search had ended. You were really sincere, calm and understanding. During our lessons, I felt so blessed that from now on, with the right guidance and support from you, I could heal myself, my husband (who just had a knee injury from a Rugby game), and also my two dogs at home, whenever they need it. I always go for a natural and holistic remedy for myself and my family. Reiki is the answer for it. 

Thank you so much, Fern.

Alicia R.

Hi Fern,

          Wow, what an experience in learning Animal Communication with you!

          I can't thank you enough for opening up my eyes and teaching me these amazing skill and techniques! Now I am capable to hear what my cats try to tell me. I had been wondering all these years, struggling to comprehend what they wanted, and what I should have done better for them, etc. 

          I love the way you showed me, during our private lessons, your true passion and your compassion towards animals, and that you wanted me feel it, and helped me connect with animals. I realized that my perspective has changed, and I can               say that I understand my cats and other animals better than what I thought I already did. You are very genuine, patient, and helpful, even though I asked a lot of questions! I spoke to Choco (one of my cats whom you communicated with     when you came over to our place), he was very happy that now I can talk to him and his bros and sis :-) 

          I highly recommend signing up for an Animal Communication course with Fern. She is REALLY GOOD !

         Clara T. and her six chubby kitties

I signed up for an one-on-one Animal Communication course (comprehensive) with Fern. I was always curious how I could get to know what my cats and my rabbits think about me, and I also wanted to know what I did that made them happy or unhappy. 

Fern was pleasant and calm. She helped me understand how animals think and see the world, in the aspects that I never realized. She has good techniques to make it easier for me to be able to concentrate and "hear" what my cats and my rabbits said to me. It was really an amazing course and it's one of my best investment ever made.

I also learned healing techniques from Fern to help my own animals and others, in case of injury and illness. Fern generously shared her own direct experiences working with rescued animals and made me want to help out the strays and other animals who are in trouble.

After our course, Fern is always happy to answers my endless questions and help me improve my animal communication skills.

Thank you Fern. I am so thrilled that I can now communicate with animals!

Abbey D.

I contacted Fern to communicate with my 13-year-old female Chihuahua, Tiny, who has passed away out of my surprise.

I was lost because I really didn't know what happened to her. I was devastated that I was not unable to help her and I had to let her go without saying good bye.

Fern conducted a distance communication session with Tiny, and revealed invaluable insights to me. I am very grateful that through Fern, I still had a chance to say what I wanted to say to my dog, including bidding her a farewell.

Fern passed messages that Tiny wanted me to know. I also asked how my dog wanted her ashes to be kept, including any other thing else I can still do for her. 

To know that I can always get in touch with Tiny significantly helps me be able to recover from my loss. Fern was compassionate and sincere all the time we corresponded. She also checked on me a couple of times after our session was over, to see how I coped with the situation. Thank you very much indeed, Fern. 

Thanawan R. (Bangkok, Thailand)

I had Fern communicate with my two hamsters via long-distance because I stay in Korea. My friend in Hong Kong recommended Fern to me.

My hamsters were always ill and I did not know how to help them or what had happened to them. Via e-mails, Fern helped me understand them and found out the reason that made them not healthy. Fern gave me suggestions and ideas to give them a better living environment at home, and how I can play with them to stimulate their minds and moods. I found the advice's very useful. I could see a big improvement in their health.

Moreover, I have a better idea of how my hamsters think about me and what they want me to do for them. I am so happy. I am a first-time hamster owner. Even though I did a lot of research on hamsters, without them telling me what they want (through communication with Fern), I would not be able to make them feel happier.

Thank you Fern!

Mi-Cha K.

Hi Fern,

Thank you so much for the distance session you had with my bunny, Cookie. At first I was not sure whether a distance session would be effective, as compared to a face-to-face. However, I decided to give it a try as I heard a lot about Fern from a friends.

The messages from Cookie that Fern got for me, were truly amazing. And I know that it's really Cookie who gave me those answers. I thought I knew several things about my bunny. But I really couldn't figure why he always looked sad and started to display some strange behaviours. From Fern's communication with him, that's when I realized what had happened to Cookie. Therefore, I can confirm that a distance communication session is effective.

I have been trying to follow Fern's advice and Cookie's needs. Now I feel we have a much better relationship. He looks happier, and as he also told Fern that he wants a playmate, I'm going to bring home another bunny girl soon.

I really recommend Fern to communicate with your pets.


I've found out about Fern through a recommendation of my good friend, who is also an animal lover and is a regular client of Fern.

When I first met Fern as she conducted a session for my cats, I was very impressed in her genuine and loving actions towards them. She was really patient and calm, even though some of my cats were not so cooperative in the beginning, in order to have conversations with them.

The messages from my cats which she relayed to me were eye-opening, even for someone like myself who has kept so many cats in the past. I thought I knew a lot about them. But I was wrong. Furthermore, I was surprised by the messages I received. I then only understood better why there were problems in behaviour of my cats lately.

Thank you very much Fern. The session was great! Now we can sleep much better at night as my cats no longer woke us up.

Collin F.

Fern's words were very uplifting and encouraging at a time when I was feeling depressed and frustrated over my pets' problems. In particular, her advice helped me better understand my new animal and help him more effectively in getting over his behavioural problems which stemmed from past abuse. Thank you, Fern, for your help."

          SALLY K.

I had been through a tough time in my life due to some big and sudden change. I was at a rock-bottom when my friend recommended me to contact Fern and try a Reiki treatment, as my friend said it might heal me and my trauma.

After the first session of full-body Reiki treatment with Fern, I felt warm, lighter and relieved. However, Fern had warned me in advance that in some cases, it could get worse before it gets better. Therefore, I was quite prepared for that, as Fern also explained that there's a possible clearing effect that shows the Reiki energy was working for my body, in order to unblock all the problems and blockages inside me, which had deteriorated my body and my mind. I continued with Fern for some more treatment sessions and I could feel the real difference - I've become a happier person and I'm not afraid what life would throw me. I am now much more relaxed and I know that my problems are manageable. Fern also advised me to adopt healthier lifestyle and attitudes.

I really recommend Reiki treatments with Fern to anyone in my situation. She's friendly, kind and very caring. You have to try it by yourself. And don't be scared by any side effects as they are only temporary. Reiki energy can only give you very deep healing in everything you need. I'm a proven case that my life turned around and I feel so blessed. I definitely will take a Reiki Course with Fern so that I will be able to heal myself.

Thank you very much, Fern. (Even though you kept saying, it's not you who helped me, it's Reiki :-)

J. Teo

I heard how Reiki helps heal conditions that are quite impossible to be cured with modern medicines. I have my mother who's suffered from chronic illness and she's too weak to go through an operation due to her age and her conditions. Someone recommended me to try Reiki treatments with Fern. When I contacted Fern, she was very understanding and was willing to help out. I was hopeful that at least my mother would be more comfortable and wouldn't suffer too much.

After just a few sessions of Reiki treatments at our house, my mother was obviously in a better mood and became much less depressed. She always had bad temper due to her illness which has lasted for several years. My mother gradually was calmed and more relaxed. Reiki also helped her medication works better and even the doctor could see some improvement in her conditions at the latest check-up. She felt more positive towards life and I'm very glad to see it. Thank you so much, Fern, once again, for your wonderful energy and endless support.

S. Chow

I took a course of How to Communicate with Animals, with Fern. I always wanted to know what my cats and my rabbits think of me and my family, and what they want to tell me when they give me those looks and making those noises. I believe that animals somehow try to "talk" to us, even though a lot of people I know consider it's totally impossible.

It was a fantastic workshop and absolutely eye-opening. Importantly, Fern taught me to be able to feel and hear my furry friends! I liked her style of teaching - simple and practical. She walked us through the core principles, step-by-step, so that we could practice them by ourselves at home, and combined them with her own first-hand experience. She has a lot of interesting information to share with us. Fern made me understand that animal communication is actually scientific. How she gave us encouragement to learn and made us confident that anyone can learn to communicate with animals also impressed me.

Since then, I regularly have good conversations with my cats and my rabbits, and they love chatting with me!

N. Chan

I have adopted a dog who was bad abused and I didn't know how to make him feel better since he's already stayed with me for a few years but still showed a lot of problems. I signed up for obedient training classes but without success. I felt really tired and frankly, I was even thinking of giving him up to someone else. When I found out about an animal communication workshop with Fern, I thought it's a great idea if I am able to connect with my dog and to understand him. I should be able to help him solve his problems. However, some of my friends thought it's a crazy idea. I went ahead with it and never regret it.

For those who are hesitant whether you should enroll for this workshop. Take my word: Fern's workshop worth every single dollar. She is knowledgeable and very passionate in animal welfare. I was so surprised myself that just after the 2-day workshop, I could really hear and feel what my dog wants to tell me, and what he had been through during those years, being tortured and neglected. Fern opened up my intuition and I enjoyed the workshop a lot. With Fern's guidance throughout the workshop, it's not that difficult at all to be able to communicate with animals. She is very down-to-earth and very supportive. I wish I could have learned animal communication much earlier, in order to understand my dog better. Thank you very much, Fern. You were very kind teacher and I am thinking to enroll for the workshop level 2, sometimes soon.

L. Tan

Hi Fern,

I never thought that our dogs had any issues as they looked healthy and they were always well-behaved. Until I heard about you, and, honestly, my husband and I were skeptical at first though finally we decided to give animal communication a try. It's very interesting to see how you worked and "talked" to our dogs. And it's so amazing how you revealed my dogs' hidden emotional issues to us! You were accurate and that several things that you pointed out were spot on! We were very thankful to you that we didn't discover our dogs' problems too late.

You also gave us professional advice and extra tips on how to handle and help our dogs. You are very compassionate and passionate in what you do. Also, you recommended to heal our dogs with Reiki treatments and after only a few sessions we could notice positive development in them. They are now happier and even healthier. We have continued the Reiki treatments for our dogs as we have seen that its healing power is really effective on our dogs. Thank you so much Fern for your the works and supports.

C. Toh

I contacted Fern after reading about her in a pet magazine at the vet. I was very worried about my female cat Akira who is under veterinary care for over-grooming. The vet diagnosed nervousness, anxiety and stress and gave her clomicalm. It worked for a while but later I noticed it was becoming less and less effective as she still continued to ove-groom and bite through her skin. After a several sessions with Fern (for Reiki and twice for animal communication) she is much calmer and less whiny. She has become more playful as well.

Fern also helped me with my 16 year old cat Megat who was very aggressive with my other male cat Toro and sometimes the other cats in the house and after 2 sessions and Reiki, he is indeed calmer and does not go out of his way to beat my cat Toro up. It has been a whole month since Fern spoke to him and apart from one time where he forgot himself, he has been behaving very well and could pass by Toro with giving him aggressive stances. Toro is also becoming less afraid of Megat so its winners all round.

Fern also helped me with my youngest cat Tanaka who loves to have fun and to chase the other cats for fun. Now he is behaving himself and does not pounce or ambush them. He has also stopped peeing infront of my closet after Fern spoke to him.

I feel grateful that Fern is still helping me with all 5 of them as they are all now much calmer and happier. I know what they're thinking about and can go about making their lives much better. 3 of them are undergoing Reiki as well and I have seen many positive results from this.

Finally though, it is just nice to be able to know what they're thinking about and what they want. My cats are really funny and I thank Fern for allowing me a glimpse into their world.

J. Ahmad

At first I didn't know whether an animal communicator would be able to actually help me solve the problems that my dear chinchilla had. But my boyfriend said it's worth trying thus I contacted Fern. I found out that Fern could really help me connect with my chinchilla and told her how I much I was concerned about her situation- that she didn't eat for several days and looked very sad and weak. Once Fern communicated with her and told me why that happened and how to fix it, I felt so relieved that my chinchilla was going to feel better and get back to her normal self. I lost one chinchilla a year ago due to my ignorance and I would not let it happen again.

Fern also shared valuable advice to me how to care of my chinchilla. I was so impressed that she's very knowledgeable and compassionate. Even after our session, she still gave me continuous support and always followed up on my chinchilla's conditions. I know I can turn to Fern whenever my chinchilla has any problem!
Thank you so much ^ ^

A. Tay

I love my dog as if he is my child and I would do everything for him. When my dog started showing aggressiveness and destructive behaviours towards me and my family members, it got me worried because he never was like that before. I have heard about animal communication in other countries but in Singapore I didn't know if there's a good animal communicator, until I found Fern. I have been very impressed with Fern because of her sincere concerns and her best effort to help my dog recover from his conditions. I have got several insights from her of what my dog actually feels and why he behaved like that. Fern was very accurate when she revealed those facts which made me really surprised.

It's shame on me that previously I was quite mad at him without being aware of the root of problems and what's really going on in his head. However, now I understand him a lot more and I have made some adjustments on my part so that those problems won't happen again.

The experience makes me feel much closer to my dog than before and I know that he is happier! And that makes me happier too!

We appreciate your help!

C. Lim

Dear Fern,

Thank you very much for all your help and support in these 2 months .

Although we are still looking for Harry ( our lost dog) , it is comforting to know that through your communication with him, he is all right. We are also grateful that Harry had someone to talk to on the first few days when he was wondering on his own , lost. You have given us many clues to locate him , but unfortunately we lost him in an HDB area where it is difficult to identify unique / distinct features .

Your spending so much time helping us look for Harry is greatly appreciated. Your encouragement and sincerity touched us .

As for our hamster Snowball, it is really amazing that he stopped biting us and allowed us to handle him after you talked to him. He also seemed so much happier and relaxed. It is a real joy that we could pat and stroke him often.

Thank you very much Fern!

C. Wong

Dear Fern,

I write to sincerely thank you for sending energy healing to Crystal, my shetland dog. I was in a loss and feeling frantic when Crystal was still very weak despite several vet visits. I did't know how else I could help her besides repeated visits to the vet. It then came to my mind to try energy healing hence I contacted you. We met each other from the short animal communication class, thereafter we barely contacted less to say, to know each other better, but you were selfless, kind and helpful. After speaking to you about how desperate I was to seek an alternative help for Crystal, without second thought you agreed to visit Crystal and helped to send her energy healing, not just for once but a few sessions - even on the difficult time of mourning when someone in your family had just passed away.

Although Crystal did not pulled through and left us on January 22 at the hospital but she was not suffering from any pain. She left us peacefully in her sleep and saying goodbye quietly in her soft manner.

I am thankful for all your help.

P. Koh

Dear Fern,

Here I'd like to thank you very much for helping and communicating with my Maltese, Choubi, including Reiki treatments you had given her.

In Feb 2012, I noticed something was missing in her actions. And 4 months ago I found that my Maltese was blind suddenly. Nobody knows the reason, even the Vet. I went through all sorts of advice, including Facebook, in order to find out how to communicate with her - what she needs and how she'd like to be looked after.

Until I found you. After months passed by with Reiki treatments from you and the animal communication which you had done with Choubi, my dog, seeing that Choubi is getting better each day is a true blessing. It makes my heart melt to watch her run and play happily again. I hope she still stays bubbly, jolly, sweet, healthy and fit like this for the years to come. Thank you Fern.

S. Kong

Dearest Fern,

I write to sincerely thank you for helping Gigi, my shetland sheepdog get over her depression when she first lost her mobility. I was in a loss and feeling frantic when visits to different vets gave the same answer. There is nothing they can do for Gigi and she was not a candidate for surgery. She was only given pain killers and she didn’t wee and poo unless forced as she can’t even stand. It then came to my mind to try energy healing and animal communication so as to get her out her depression so that she can get better. I have been to a high tea session and saw how it worked and one of friends went for a seminar. I searched the internet and found you. Without second thought you agreed to visit Gigi and helped her out of her negative thoughts. She is slowly improving and showing her happy side. Thank you for making time to visit us. Gigi looks forward to meeting you every week and really enjoys her session with you.

You are also very kind to help Jack, a mongrel, I am fostering for ASD in helping him to calm down. Jack has fits and he cannot control his action. He is on long term medication. After a few session with him, he is more calm and can even sit through fireworks without getting fits. He even comes out from his comfort zone to sit with the rest of the dogs and the cat that I have.

I feel grateful to you as you are also helping me with the rest of my pets. Especially so, when my schnauzer, Abby ‘talked’ to you and told you her thoughts. I have known something was not right but couldn’t tell what was wrong with her. She is much happier and back to her self. I know what they're thinking about and can go about making their lives much better.

You are very compassionate and passionate in what you do. You recommended to heal Gigi with Reiki treatments and animal communication. After only a few sessions I can see positive development in her. And you are also helping my other pets. They are now happier and even healthier. I have continued the Reiki treatments for our dogs as we have seen that its healing power is really effective on my dogs.

Thank you so much Fern for your the works and supports. I wish you and your family good tidings for the New Year.

Bee Hua

Dear Fern,

Thank you very much for all your help in communicating with my kitties Miki and Hiroki. It is just nice to be able to know what they're thinking about and what they want. It is also good to know why Hiroki is so fearful and timid when I have visitors in our house. Miki is much happier now and Hiroki is slowly becoming a more confident cat.

MK Tan

Dear Fern,

Thank you so much for providing your professional help to me and my family including Daphne and Eileen.

This is my testimonial of your service.

Fern was being introduced to me by my cousin Daphne due to a bad situation of her dog. After Fern visited her, she had a lot of reassurance and could see the vast improvement of her dog's behaviour. I have adopted a 8yr old schnauzer, Lemon 1.5 mths ago from a friend's neighbour, my intention and objective is very simple. My family would like to know if he is happy now, if he misses his previous owner, if there is anything we did not do right etc. Thank you so much for answering our questions and at least we know we are doing a good job and will continue to love him the way we are doing and even more.

This is truly remarkable experience for me. Fern has demonstrated patience and she is very knowledgeable and also willing to share tips on what kind of food that is suitable for schnauzer. Fern is right, its alright that Lemon does not want to reveal his past, what's important is : He is very happy with us now Thanks once again !


I first considered the possibility of animal communication (prior to that talk about psychics appeared only in my jokes) when I watched the touching documentary of Heidi Wright in action in Korea.

Since my two Ragdoll cats and me were living in Beijing, I grabbed the chance to reach out to Fern when I read her feature in PETS magazine in Singapore. It was the last chance for the male cat Monty, whom I was considering giving up many times due to him persistently peeing outside the litterbox, after moving house anc changing both litter and litterboxes.

I read that distance communication via a frontal closeup photo was possible, but Fern was also able to do so from Singapore with both cats in China.

Was relieved when Fern confirmed my suspicions that the issue was behavioural rather than medical, and worked with Fern for further sessions before noticing improvements.

However my biggest takeaway was not correcting Monty's elimination problem, but the deeper understanding and connection with my pets from the communication. Fern impressed me with her sensitiveness and genuine concern, and provided Reiki as well when the other cat Bella had to undergo two operations while I was away from home for business. I proudly introduced my grandma's family dog when I had the chance in Singapore.

Now, half a year and many distance communication sessions later, I finally managed to meet Fern face-to-face for the first time to thank her, not only for my extended animal family, but also her work with strays in Singapore.

Lay Kian

It was my first time engaging an animal communicator because there was still a skeptical element in me. I decided to confirm her service for fun because I really wanted my cats to assess me as a carer. I also have a regret of not being able to locate 2 stray cats which I had to relocate to a new place after complains. The cats were relocated almost 1 year ago and I needed to know how are they doing now.

Fern communicated her fees and services rendered very clearly before confirming the sessions. I had sent her photos of the 2 stray cats beforehand for distant communication and prepared questions for my 3 cats.

When Fern told me about her communication with the 2 stray cats, I was shocked to hear the description of the possible locations the cats are in. A familiar place came to my mind and it is not far from where they were released. The cat also told Fern about the food he ate and I immediately recalled seeing similar holders near the possible location. That night, I visited the place and spoke to the workers there. He had seen a cat that matched my description but did not see him for 1 week. Even though I did not manage to find the cats, it was reassuring for me to hear from the cats. I hope I can find them eventually.

Fern was very patient during the sessions with my cats and accommodated to them. I was finally assured that I am still loved by my cats. We had one problem where one cat would pee at my parents' bed. We always thought it was our girl who did it and sort of disallow her into the room. Fern spoke to all 3 cats and they pointed out the culprit. My mum had checked the cctv and then realised that the cat was my eldest boy, and not the girl. The cats pointed out him and the eldest car also admitted it himself. We were guilty that we wronged the wrong cat. Fern also pointed out bullying among the cats and my girl also shared her insecurity with us. With what we know from the communication session, we gave her more assurance and compliments. Now my girl plays more and do not hide as much. Without the information from the session, we would not be able to attend to our cats' needs. I hope to have annual conversations with my cats and strongly encourage furparent to try it. Your babies may have somethings to tell you.

Lay Kian

Hi Fern,

My experience with you and my Milky boy was great and exceeded my expectations. The readings were well worth the money. You help me to understand and aware of my Milky boy needs. Understanding why he do things he do, what makes him happy and how I can make things better for him.

You are great too because you made sure all questions are answered. Thank you so much.


Dear Fern,

Thank you for making time to visit us at short notice just before Baby our golden retriever was scheduled for her CT scan with the specialist so we could find out more about her condition. You have also initiated to provide her with Reiki healing to keep her calm for the vet visit which was greatly appreciated as she was indeed much relaxed for the first time compared to her previous vet visits.

We do not know the past of Baby as she was found roaming on the streets and through the session, we were able to learn more about her and you told us about her emotional experience with her previous family that was still troubling her. It has been 5 weeks since she was diagnosed with advanced nasal cancer with no suitable treatment. I would like to thank you for all the weekly Reiki healing sessions, providing us with updates about her condition and mental state. We try to make her as comfortable as possible and shower her with more love and reassurance during this tough period of her life. We know she is a brave girl and fighter.

As for our westie Tavis, I was able to understand some of his behavioural problems and how he feels especially after undergoing a major open chest surgery 6 months earlier. He also shared with us on his likes for food and his thoughts on living with the other two dogs.

The session also allowed us to get to know our mongrel cross Yang better. He only came to live with us for a few months and had a hard time trying to adapt. Through the session and based on your advice, we brought him to the vet and he is being treated for fungal infection. His skin is in a much better shape now. We have also made changes to his food and sleeping environment. We hope that these changes will help him to settle down.

Thank you for everything during this difficult time as the family is coping with Baby's condition. You have helped to make the journey less stressful.


Dear Fern,

My family, Sugar and I thank you for the great experience during the animal communication session! (:

We were initially doubtful about animal communication, but decided to give it a try after hearing from friends how good their sessions were with Fern. Indeed, it was well above our expectations and has helped us understand so much more about Sugar, our 2 year old shihtzu. It was very interesting to see how Fern communicated with our furry friend and listen to what Sugar has to tell us! Through the session, we were able to learn about Sugar's needs, likes and dislikes, as well as understanding her different behaviours. As Sugar seem to have a weaker immune system and tends to fall ill easy, we were quite worried for her. When we shared this information to Fern, she showed genuine concern for Sugar and kindly gave us recommendations to what we can do to help her.

Through the entire session, Fern was very patient and compassionate. Not only did she make the effort to go through the questions we had prepared, she was also very kind to share her own experience with her dogs and other useful tips that we can use to help improve Sugar's health problems. 

Once again, thank you so much for the session!


Fern has been utmost patient, friendly and accomodating during her readings with my beloved cats. Even though they have since moved on to a another world, it is never easy for the owners to accept this truth. Fern's patience and explanation has helped me face this transition with greater peace and acceptance. For this, I am very much grateful to Fern.


Hi Fern,

This is my first experience with a person that can communicate with animals and I truly believe in it. Thanks for your great help that my precious daughter is doing well without me. Every questions we had, you have clearly answered them. And I strongly feel it is the truth which is what Ice'd have answered.

S. Lee
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