At Paw D Animal Consultancy, we are strongly against euthanasia and have zero tolerance to animal cruelty of all forms, including products that test on animals, or include animal and its derivatives in the ingredients.

Cruelty-Free List:

We have brought a short list of companies and websites who manufacture products without animal testing and sell cruelty-free products. Support them and make this world a better place for our fellow animals.

The Better Life Project:

Fern, our founder, is an active animal advocate. She has directly and continuously supported these animal welfare organizations (links to their websites provided below), in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, to feed, rescue and re-home animals in distress. 

It all started with Fern\\\'s real-life experience witnessing, right in front of her eyes, numerous heartbreaking cases of animals who desperately need help, in terms of food and proper medical care, and a safer environment where they are free from physical and emotional abuse, and all sorts of ill treatments.  

Big portion of serviced fees that we received from you, will go a long way to support Fern to feed and rescue distressed animals, and to help these animal welfare organizations to save many more lives out there who suffer on a daily basis and are mostly forgotten. They do deserve a better life.

Contact us if you have dog/cat food to donate.

You may click on the links to find out more on what they do. Your generous support will be highly appreciated by them. They deserve to be rewarded for the good deeds they are committed to.

Vegetarian/Vegan Eatery List and Food Recipes: Coming Up

Fern is a long-term vegetarian/vegan. We are compiling a list of eateries for like-minded people who believe that food must not come from sacrifice of animal\\\'s lives. Hearty recipes will also be provided if you prefer home-cooked meals!

Do check back for the links and more info.

Other Useful Links:

In addition, you will find a separate set of links, of Singapore animal welfare organizations and veterinary clinics. We do not support them and do not have any relation with them, including advertising sponsorship or referral commissions. We do not recommend or refer you to any of these places either. However, their links of websites are provided here as a database for reference in case of emergency only.